A whimsical story inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, and a humorous ode to imagination.


Little Youk walks in the forest alone, mumbling and grumbling about the branches, the birds… everything! This grumpy grouchy little boy is so busy complaining that there is no time for fear. When he comes across a wild boar, he yells and screams and scowls: “Hey, you! Why are you looking at me with your tiny eyes and yucky moustache?! Tell me how to get to the big city now! My parents are waiting for me and I’m fourteen minutes and twenty-three seconds late!” Youk may be grumpy, but he’s also very lucky… A wild boar, a nice cow, a funny rabbit, and an Indian elephant all help him get home safely, despite all his complaining! Much to the relief of his worried parents… But as he pops his head round the door, guess how they welcome him? Grumpily!