VEGETARIAN?/Végétarien ?

Young Paul Belin’s biting and hilarious conversion to vegetarianism

Eight-year-old Paul Belin leads a quiet life with his family until one day, someone rings the doorbell. When he opens the door, he discovers two hens come to take him to… his own trial.
The boy is accused of having eaten, since his earliest childhood, an incalculable number of sausages, hamburgers, chicken wings… And who attends the trial? Hens, adorable chicks, goats, a very large cow and many others. Will any of the animals take pity on Paul Belin?
An absurd tale about vegetarianism and its place in today’s society, the guilt that some meat eaters feel and the complicated relationship between humans and animals. With an even more hilarious ending (watch out for the carrots!).


Nowadays, no one could reject such a funny story, well-rounded, zero-waste and capable of reconciling both climate sceptics and Biodynamics.” Télérama


The author manages to take on a complex and controversial topic without taking sides, just giving food for thought, as shown by the title’s question mark.Libbylit


A book that underlines the role of kids in family awakenings.” Paris Match


Rights sold in Spanish and Korean.