What do you see? / Tu vois quoi ?

An interactive read to help understand that everyone has their way of seeing things.

Bold, graphic, and hilarious, this novelty book is perfect for all kids whether they wear glasses or not

Through a smart cutting’s game, this novelty book asks one by one the toad, the maki, the squid, the little girl and more with that one question :” What do you see ?” On the next page, each answers when its their turn.  With a follow-through of funny and upbeat questions/answers, the author-illustrator approaches every side of vision. From wearing glasses to one’s sight, it delivers the following message “everyone is unique and we see things like we do, and that is what is good !” What do you see, Toad? A very big fly I’m going to gobble up ! What do you see without your glasses ? Same things as you but all blurry !

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  • From 3 up
  • board book ● 13,5 x 32,5 cm ● 16 board pages
  • with a mirror on the last page
  • EAN : 9782330146726 ● 13,90 € ● 2021