WHO BUILT THAT? Skyscrapers/Tous les gratte-ciel sont dans la nature

A fun-filled tour through ten of the most important skyscrapers by the greatest architects of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries


In this addition to the popular Who Built That? series, Didier Cornille presents ten of the most famous skyscrapers from around the world, illustrated with his precise and delicate drawings. From the highest to the most symbolic, including the Eiffel Tower, the Chrysler Building, the Agbar Tower and Burj Khalifa. A clear and original insight on architecture. Cornille presents each engineer or architect and the main concepts of their work through charming step-by-step drawings and an easy-to-read text. Who Built That? Skyscrapers is a fun introduction for children of all ages interested in learning about these incredible structures, and the engineering and design behind each one.

Didier’s drawings are colourful and have a playfulness that is commendable.

A Daily Dose of Architecture


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