CAT TRENDS/Tendance Chat

Enough to make a cat laugh!


Dorothée de Monfreid’s cartoons perfectly capture the humour and quirkiness of cats, represented in human situations (working, having a drink after work, flirting, using the public restrooms, protesting for their rights…). A collection of colour comic strips depicting their everyday life, filled with cat sayings and comments. “Being a stray cat is nice, you have no boss, you can do things your own way… But being a house cat is better for pensions”, or “I can’t stand those macho cats anymore. They can’t help it and piss around my bed on the first night”. And how about a cat couple in bed…? “Can you stop purring? I can’t sleep!” Enough to make a cat laugh… or humans see how much these fellow felines are similar to us. A gift book that is quite the cat’s meow!


Hilarious!ELLE Magazine

  • Humour hélium
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  • Adulte
  • softcover ● 14 x 15 cm ● 64 pages
  • EAN : 9782330072551 ● 9,90 € € ● 2017