Mole and Fieldmouse 1: The Golden Days/Taupe et Mulot : Les Beaux Jours

The bucolic adventures of a field mouse and a blind mole, beautifully illustrated by Benjamin Chaud. Halfway between a picture book and a first reader book to enjoy on your own, Mole and Fieldmouse offers a new path to greener pastures.

Spring, in the countryside. Mole and Fieldmouse are best friends. Mole cannot see anything, but luckily Fieldmouse is there to help and guide him in broad daylight, and even in the dark! And although Mole may have poor eyesight, he has a lot of imagination, and Fieldmouse is more than happy to join in. Whether they’re painting a landscape, falling in love or spending a day out fishing, they always enjoy each other’s company, and learn about life and its beauty in the most endearing way.

Rights Sold in Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Korean.