Mole and Fieldmouse 3: Our Slice of the Sky/Taupe et Mulot : Notre part de ciel

The bucolic adventures of a field mouse and a blind mole, beautifully illustrated by Benjamin Chaud. Halfway between a picture book and a first reader book to enjoy on your own, Mole and Fieldmouse offers a new path to greener pastures.


Summer is here and the two friends are planning to enjoy it. How about a little swim? Luckily, Fieldmouse can count on Mole to help him when he forgets his swimming costume! And why not clean Mole’s burrow in July? While listening to the famous Django Fox’s guitar! On a long summer day, Mole decides to draw up an inventory of every pebble he finds on his path. While Fieldmouse learns to ride a bike… before going on lovely tandem bike rides together!
A new volume in this series with a splash of nature and happiness, illustrated by Benjamin Chaud and his fresh colours. Three new stories to enjoy with your feet in the sand and a lemonade in your hand!

Living happily, without overdoing it, is a fine art. One that Mole and Fieldmouse have perfected. After a lovely picnic, they decide
to have a rest. They sit with their feet in the clear pond water, listen to the grasshoppers chirping, talk about everything and nothing, share secrets in hushed voice... What else is there to do in summer?