Mole and Fieldmouse 2: The Worm Pie/Taupe et Mulot : La tarte aux lombrics

The bucolic adventures of a field mouse and a blind mole, beautifully illustrated by Benjamin Chaud. Halfway between a picture book and a first reader book to enjoy on your own, Mole and Fieldmouse offers a new path to greener pastures.

Autumn is here, with dead leaves swirling around. And although Mole is cross with his fiancée for, in his words, “taking a shine to a coat hanger”, the two friends are happy.
Between acts of kindness, cooking competitions, lively violin melodies, they delight the reader once more with their imagination. There’s no time for boredom with these two bold, inseparable friends, who turn every instant of everyday life into a moment of great joy! Speaking of which… Would anyone like to dance the foxtrot?

After Spring flowers and blue skies in volume 1, Benjamin Chaud opts for a rich palette of brown and ochre tones, embarking the reader into a chilly autumnal setting. A (pre)early reading book to enjoy curled up in front of the fireplace or in bed!

Rights Sold in Spanish, Catalan, Italian.

“Hot food coming through!” Mole cries. “Your pie on the blue plate, mine on the pink, as agreed. But hush! The jury must remain completely impartial. Good luck, Fieldmouse!”