Taupe et Mulot : Bonnet blanc et blanc bonnet / Mole and Fieldmouse 4: White Hat and Hat White

A delightful bromance between two characters who are different in every way… Mole, is blind as a bat and a bit grumpy (his short-sightedness is almost a disability) and Fieldmouse is enthusiastic and caring, with a wild imagination (that sometimes unintentionally gets him into trouble). Every day spent together is the best day of their life.


Mole loves winter. And he plans on enjoying himself, snow or no snow! There’s no time to get bored between the first snowflakes, a burning fireplace, and a snowy Boules game. Three fun stories for a white winter.


Taupe and Mulot is (…) a wonderful ode to trust and kindness.”
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A perfect recommendation to start reading alone without giving
up on the comfort of picture books.La Revue des livres pour enfants


An ode to friendship, a hymn to nature, a little miracle of harmony.

  • Taupe et Mulot series
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  • From 6 up
  • softcover ● 15 x 23 cm
  • EAN : 9782330153458 ● 12,90 € ● 2021