ON THE TRACKS – Sereno the Sperm Whale Sur les traces – Sereno le cachalot

Adventure stories for teenagers that turn the Living World and Wildlife into a wonderful world to explore, respect and investigate.


Louise’s parents have invited Rima and Philippe to join them on holiday in the Mascarene Islands. They really hope to see a sperm whale. But before they start searching the horizon for whale blows, they have a lot to learn… Because everything is different underwater: sounds, light, weight… With their new friend Nosy, a girl from the island, the three students discover the joys of scuba diving and fix up an old dugout canoe to go out to sea. But there’s no guarantee they’ll see a sperm whale! They dive and listen for any clicking sounds… until finally, they spot a whole pod in the distance! And they have a baby with them…


“A great way to engage in dialogue with the world and its inhabitants, whose destiny we share.” Télérama

« Le sable chaud brûle la plante des pieds. Louise évite les zones trop exposées et sautille d’ombre en ombre, jusqu’à l’océan. À sa vue, elle se fend d’un irrépressible sourire et accélère le pas. C’est un pur cliché : la plage est douce, sa belle robe sable invite à y enfouir les orteils. L’eau qui s’échoue à intervalles réguliers décalque la couleur du ciel en de subtiles transparences. Le bleu forcit rapidement vers l’horizon, et finit par se perdre dans le ciel.
— Louise ! Louise ! Amène-toi ! »