Sur les traces – Moow le mini-pingouin / On the Tracks – Moow, the Little Auk

A Group of Secondary School students adventure on the tracks of animals in their natural environment. A 9+ narrative non-fiction for a shared world with all living beings.
Rima, Philippe and Louise set off to the west coast of Greenland in the hope of seeing a cormorant… But the sea is too rough, and they are forced to stop on the east coast, where they discover a completely different Arctic species: the little auks. Sam, a scientist who has come to study them, asks the teens to track MOOW, an little auk with a tag, who has gone missing… During their investigation, the three teens meet Akiak, an Inuit teenager who helps them blend in with the Greenland landscapes which are as hostile as they are breathtaking…
The novel avoids the pitfalls of a documentary book. The author (…) constructs a fast-paced narrative, taking advantage of the teenagers’ online exchanges to set up a dialogue between points of view, dispel prejudices and underline the impact vocabulary when it comes to living things.” Pages des libraires
  • Avec les conseils de David Grémillet
  • Sur les traces
  • # # # #
  • From 9 up
  • softcover ● 13 x 21 cm ● 192 pages
  • EAN : 9782330182564 ● 14,90 € ● 2024
« Une vibration sourde le tire de son trouble. Le métal de l’escalier menant au pont résonne. Rima apparaît, suivie de Louise. Leurs pas sont lourds, leurs corps emmitouflés. Il fait autour de 0 °C – en plein été ! – et le vent qui s’est levé durant la nuit est fort désagréable.
— On était sûres de te trouver là, Phil ! s’exclame
— Tu ne dessines pas ? demande Rima.
— Tu vois quelque chose à dessiner ? On ne distingue pas le ciel de l’océan…»