THE HOTEL OF AN ELEPHANT, An Encyclopaedic Investigation/Souvenirs de Marcel au Grand Hôtel

Part story, part miscellany, this unforgettable book with dreamlike illustrations will transfix both parents and children.


It’s summer time in the city. Marcel the Elephant leaves his car in the Grand Hotel parking lot, while Limousines wait in the street. “Room 66, Sir, on the sixth floor. Here are your keys.”. What a relief after so many weeks of travelling. But as he’s unpacking, Marcel realises he is missing one small suitcase… He investigates the rooms and other areas of the Grand Hotel, questioning all the artists and musicians living there, hiding behind the doors and their golden plaques…
As in La Mémoire de l’éléphant, Marcel invites the reader on a unique and encyclopaedic journey. His entries are featured on full-page spreads packed with facts about transportation, kitchen utensils, movie props or board games, alongside his investigation through the hotel’s corridors, inspired by the mythical Chelsea Hotel in New York City.


Rights sold in Simple Chinese.