Pajama Party with Bernie! / Soirée pyjama avec Bernie

A bedtime mix and match book, to have fun dressing Bernie up before kissing good night…


Time to go to bed! What shall you wear to spend a good night? Bernie knows!
Thanks to the help of the Blue Elf and the mimes of the witty imps, he can manage on his own. Shall he wear a suit or a superhero costume… or maybe an evening gown?
Just flip the pages and create the best mix and match outfit for Bernie to sleep! This interactive and playful dress-up book with a diecut on every spread takes readers on a fanciful journey through Bernie’s many wardrobe changes.
Children will laugh out loud at the increasingly crazy outfits and will join Bernie the bear in learning that it’s not about what you wear, but about always being yourself – even at night time.


A small, very cute and playful board book for children to dress up Bernie as they wish, thanks to the three horizontal flaps to mix and match. Ski coat & boxer shorts, gardening apron & clown trousers, flower blouse & swimsuit… ‘Come on Bernie, that’s not a pajama!’Grain de sel