Schubert, the Musician Dog / Schubert, le chien musicien

On a rainy day, a young girl finds a little dog, abandoned in a violin case. She decides to bring him back to her home and to take care of him. Schubert loves music! So at night, when she plays the piano, he sits besides her and beats time with his tail. 

Years go by: the young teenager, focused on her own life, doesn’t have the time for these shared moments of complicity with Schubert… So one morning, the dog runs away! 

Thrown into panic, the mistress goes searching for her dog and runs across the city. When she finally finds him, he is sitting besides a piano. She promises him to always make time to play with him. 


Schubert, the Musician Dog: A Sound of Happiness!

Abandonned by its masters, a dachshund with a perfect pitch is taken in by a young pianist. An enchanting picture book full of energy.Télérama

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  • Hardcover ● 17,5 x 23,5 cm ● 32 pages
  • EAN : 9782330165208 ● 15,90 € ● 2022