Robêêrt, Memories of an Extraordinary Sheep/Robêêrt

Being a sheep doesn’t mean you have to be a blind follower and do the same thing as everyone else.


Robêêrt is a French sheep, a simple farm sheep. However, with his thirst for knowledge and ability to observe, the lamb soon becomes the shepherd dog’s pupil. Bullied by the rest of the flock, Robêêrt is relieved to be invited into the Great House, but becomes a live cuddly toy for the spoiled little girls. His adventures continue in England! At Strawberry Stables, he meets wonderful Jenny, a human with a heart of gold who teaches him how to read. He is now the pet sheep of Dash, a presumptuous but insomniac racehorse. Our friend, far from being stupid, has a very good influence on the prestigious stallion.
His mission? To calm the champion with lullabies and stories. His presence is crucial, as Dash will face his greatest rival, Lady Castamere, in Ascot. Will love take precedence over the competition…? Read the ‘mêêmoirs’ of this extraordinary sheep to find out!

A coming-of-age and beuaaatifully well-rounded novel.Livres Hebdo

A funny and surprising portrait of a hero fighting for a better life.” Page des libraires

A far from stupid dog-sheep (…). We are all Robêêrts in the making.Libération

A delight!Télérama

  • Illustrations by Thomas Baas
  • Collection Fiction 9-12 ans
  • # # # # #
  • From 9 up
  • softcover ● 14,5 x 20 cm ● 256 pages
  • EAN : 9782330078225 ● 13,90 € ● 2017
« Mouton, en principe, ce n’est pas un métier. Pas comme chien. On peut être chien de chasse, chien d’avalanche, chien d’aveugle, de berger, de cirque, de traîneau, ou chien policier… Une multitude de carrières s’offre à vous quand vous êtes un chien. Mais mouton ?... »