Back to Antiquity/Retour vers l’Antiquité !

“Go back in time and take me to Antiquity, or the course of history (and your life) will be forever changed! P.S.: shake me three time to activate time travel.”

When Brave Knight and Princess Attack discover a mysterious engraving on the back of an amulet, a new adventure begins… taking them back in time to Antiquity!

The reader calls the shots, like in a video game! Brave Knight and Princess Attack embark on a journey through Ancient mythology, civilisations, and continents: Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Rome, and also South America and Japan. They discover ancient cultures, admire antique art (Greek vases and columns, the mosaics of Babylon, Mayan masks) and attend sporting events (training of Assyrian warriors, Olympic games). The picture book is also full of observation and logic games around writing and its ancient forms (Mayan, Cuneiform), for a discovery of rites and myths. A timeline per continent guides the reader through each civilisation.

  • Un livre dont tu es le héros ou l’héroïne
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  • From 4 up
  • Hardcover ● 22 x 34,5 cm ● 64 round corners
  • EAN : 9782330150624 ● 15,90 € ● 2021