Why ?/Pourquoi ?

A mischievous picture book, in the form of a questions and answers game, about the little things in life we do everyday without thinking, but that children often wonder about.

“I know. You’re probably wondering what we’re doing here, all alone, in the rain, in the middle of the night and in winter. But it’s very simple… We want answers!”

Paul and his friend have lots of questions about life. Only one person can help them – Mister A. He knows everything about anything and lives on Rue du Pilpoul in Saint-Leu-La-Forêt, number 25, to be precise. Why do we have to brush our teeth twice a day? To stop them growing, of course! What happens if we forget to tie our shoelaces? Your shoes walk away on their own, quite simply. Is it true that if you don’t cut your hair, a forest will grow on your head?

Mister A has all the answers. Unless… What if there was one thing he did not know ?