A gorgeous pop-up book that chronicles the development of a city, from an isolated plot of land to a bustling metropolis.

Open this ingenious and stylish pop-up book and watch a paper city come to life before your eyes. Watch a small village grow into a large and modern city in this ingeniously designed pop-up book that will amaze you with its outstanding paper engineering. Just like a physical version of SimCity, each spread reveals a scene from the city’s creation. It starts with a church among the trees and ends with a crowded city, complete with towering buildings, factories and lots of streets. Designed to flow like a storybook, the charm lies in the wordless conveyance of a city’s life. Rather than tell a tale in words, it uses visual 3D, with each new structure that pops up telling endless stories of the city’s expansion. Suitable for both children and adults. Kids will love this book for its interesting scenes and simple minimalistic design, as will artbook lovers. A must-have for pop-up book collectors.
Rights sold in English, Italian, Spanish, German, Korean, Dutch.
Most Beautiful French Children’s book 2009

  • Text by Joy Sorman
  • Grand pop-up
  • # # # # #
  • From 3 up
  • Hardcover ● 14 x 28 cm ● 12 pages
  • 12 pop-up pages + 1 gatefold with 9 extra-pieces: 2 trees, 1 crane, 1 excavator, 3 cars, 1 concrete mixer truck, 1 truck to be detached and folded to play.
  • EAN : 9782330081386 ● 19,90 € ● 2009