Pompon Bear is not scared/Pompon ours dans les bois

Everything is so peaceful in the forest! The sun is shining, the flowers are growing, the butterflies are flitting here and there, and the Bear family is enjoying a delightful moment in the clearing. Except for Little Bear: he’s so horribly bored! Suddenly he gives in: enough of this clearing! Enough of being a bear: he’s going to be a little boy! «I’m out of here!” shouts Pompon. «Don’t go too far, though,» warns his mummy.
But Pompon doesn’t care: adventure is about to begin!
After a long walk, as he reaches the edge of the wood, a big house appears… Bears aren’t allowed into houses, but now Pompon is a boy.
So he goes in, takes a bath and dresses up as a boy. But is the house really inhabited? Luckily, Pompon Bear is not scared!


A jewel case full of fun and philosophy.” L’Est Républicain

A total success.La Revue des livres pour enfants

The illustrations are incredibly full of visual tiny and funny details spread throughout the story.” Elle magazine

  • Pompon BearSérie Pompon ours
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  • From 3 up
  • relié ● 23 x 36 cm ● 32 pages
  • EAN : 9782330090494 ● 15,90 € ● 2018