Sam Says… Turn the Page and… Surprise! / Paul a dit ! Tourne la page et découvre la surprise

Simple and playful

A shape, animal or object can lead to something completely different when you turn the page to reveal what’s hiding under the laser cut! Each image has a different exclamation (Bite! Look! Fly! Feel! Hurry!), and young readers will be delighted to see a hat turn into a turtle, or the wheels of a bicycle into huge round owl eyes!

Prix Socières 2017 Best Toddler book


A game book for little ones (…) who can lead their reading.Citrouille


Rights sold in Italian, Spanish, Simple Chinese.

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  • From 1 up
  • board book ● 14 x 15 cm ● 30 round corners
  • 1 board book with round corners & 7 die-cuts
  • EAN : 9782330066017 ● 9.90 € ● 2016