Butterfly Illusions/Papillons Illusions

A wonderful spectacle of 35 butterflies from all over the world in a breath-taking nonfiction pop-up!

From the Monarch butterfly to the almost identical Viceroy, the subtle swallowtail to the terrifying owl butterfly, this magical pop-up shows the multiple facets and transformations of these fascinating insects, born from
a metamorphosis.

Page by page, whether meeting their basic needs, facing danger or performing a courtship dance, these butterflies and moths will enchant and surprise you. Discover everything there is to know about the imitators (such as the bee hawkmoth or spider moth), invisible ones that blend into the background, transformers with leopard or snakeskin patterns, irresistible ones with shimmering or iridescent wings, and those that are simply

Paper engineering at its finest and an explosion of dazzling colours, immersing the reader into nature, among its most beautiful and ephemereal creatures.