A spooky and hilarious story by the bestselling duo Jean-Luc Fromental and Joëlle Jolivet


A mysterious beast is terrorising the resident skeletons of Bonesville. Under cover of darkness, it steals a different bone from each townsperson, from the cranium to the phalanges. It takes the washerwoman’s humerus, the butcher’s fibula, and Dr. Strongbones’s coccyx. Thanks to his patience and cleverness, Detective Sherlock Bones traps the monster, revealing that the beast is only the harmless Spot of the Baskervilles, on a mission to rebuild his master’s lost skeleton, Dr. Watsbones.

An immensely engaging picture-book that can be read in a number of ways: as a spooky tale for Halloween, a humorous homage to Sherlock Holmes and the mystery genre, and/or as an informative introduction to the human skeleton. Jolivet’s bold illustrations and Fromental’s witty storytelling make for a winning combination in this striking picture book. And as a bon(e)-us, don’t miss the dust-jacket… Once folded-out, it reveals a full-length poster of the human skeleton.


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Readers… will enjoy losing themselves in this hallucinatory city of the dead.
Publishers Weekly

Savvy text and distinctive design make this book a real favourite.

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Kids will be spellbound by the pictures and story.” Lire



Rights sold in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Korean and Simple Chinese