ORIENT EXPRESS! Princess, Knights and dragons/Orient Express !

An interactive game-book in which young readers choose their own adventure.

Princess Attack and her Brave Knight are finally happy and together after all their crazy adventures! But one day, in the library, the Princess discovers a mysterious book entitled “Travels to the East”. The couple embarks on a new quest that takes them as far as Asia, where they fight terrible dragons and warriors known as “Samurais”.
Become the hero of the story in this new interactive book where you can choose to follow either the Brave Knight or the fearless Princess Attack! With an Asian inspiration, full of lots of things to do, puzzles, riddles and hidden images to find…

Rights sold in Italian and Simple Chinese.

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  • From 4 up
  • Hardcover ● 22 x 34,5 cm ● 56 pages
  • rounded corners
  • EAN : 9782330028756 ● 15,90 € ● 2014