OUR HISTORIES, History, Images, Humanity/Nos Humanités

An Art and History book, and beautiful timeless gift for adults and young adults, led by a major European History specialist.


Led by renowned historian Robert Frank, and beautifully illustrated by young artist and graphic designer Caroline Souffir, this modern History of Humanity is filled with breathtaking illustrations. The lay-out navigates between detailed encyclopaedic information, and close-up images of monuments, historical figures, events, etc.
An astonishing book which retraces the major political and cultural movements that have contributed to the history of Humanity.
To accompany these powerful images, and help the reader find their way through the book, Robert Frank has divided the text into chapters (Myths and Religions, Ancient Greece, Marco Polo and the discovery of China, the Pilgrims, etc.), for a discovery or rediscovery of the history of Humanity through powerful and concise explanations.

Didier da Silva created the drawing captions.