The Quiet Crocodile Goes to the Beach/Nageur comme Fossile

A wonderful story about a great bunch of animals… at the beach!


Fossil the quiet crocodile loves to go to the beach with his friends. Fippo the Hippo, Sonny the Bunny, Ryan the Lion, and all the others jump right in and splash about in the waves while Fossil watches from the shore. Could Fossil be scared of the water? What happens when Fossil finally joins them? Is he really as quiet as he seems? Readers can find, name, and count all of Fossil’s boisterous friends, as well as the rubber rings, flippers, fishing nets, and shells hidden in the delightful drawings.

This follow-up (…) is endowed with even more charm and off-beat humor than the original. The text is straightforward and feels as if it’s being delivered with an affectionate smile, and the detailed coloured-pencil and pen illustrations depict plenty of activity and a sense of calm at the same time. Young readers will surely dive into the fun!Shelf Awareness


Rights sold in English and Simple Chinese