Dino Museum / Muséum dinos

A fun, fast-paced adventure through the city, with two little big characters, as endearing as ever.


Not so long ago, the little dinos managed to escape the big dinos. But they ended up in a big city, filled with noise, lights, cars, and very, very strange animals that called themselves human beings. They try to find somewhere to hide, but soon realise this is close to impossible. Whether at the swimming pool or in the middle of a funfair, the ‘humans’ are after them.
So where is the safest place to hide in the city? Maybe this dark, stone cave called a Museum… Wait! Wouldn’t other dinos, BIG HUGE dinos, hide there too…?


A subtle and funny picture book about two distraught dino friends, freaked out by humankindTélérama

  • Les petits albums hélium
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  • From 3 up
  • Hardcover ● 18 x 23 cm ● 40 pages
  • EAN : 9782330066024 ● 11,90 € ● 2016