Miss Chat – Le cas du canari / Miss Chat – The Case of the Canary

An irresistible graphic novel series, to start reading and never stop. Follow the investigations of Miss Cat, a sort of Lisbeth Salander (Millenium series) wearing a cat hoodie, in a Scandinavian-style setting.


Mr Titula, a sad old man, comes to see Miss Cat at the old dairy shop she uses as an office. Someone has kidnapped his canary, Harry, his pride and joy! He begs the young detective to find him. So, Miss Cat sets on the trail of Harry and a strange couple, the sultry Doris and the aggressive Jean-Pøl, a talking dog. What could they be trying to hide? And could the senile Titula and the dashing Titus the Magnificent, a magician with extraordinary powers, be the same person? Miss Cat has to uncover the truth and get everything back to normal!
Miss Cat, who thinks she’s a cat and hides underneath a large hoodie with cat ears, is a perfect new heroine to encourage children to read!

A Scandinavian atmosphere, Joëlle Jolivet’s sharp strokes that breathe movement into the illustrations, a thrilling plot and Jean-Luc Fromental’s irresistible dialogues… Enough to make young readers want to read more right away!


Everything you need to get hooked and look forward to the next investigation of this purring detective.Télérama


No doubt that Miss cat could soon become a new darling.” Marianne


Rights sold in Italian, Danish, German, Russian, Spanish, Catalan.