Miss Cat 2 – The Case of the Green Elf / Miss Chat – L’Affaire du lutin teint

A thrilling investigation behind the scenes of a famous publishing house…


Ah Pook, the green elf, comes to see Miss Cat. He had a dream. But not just any dream… a premonition.
Heavy rain flooded the city and submerged Planø Altø. And that’s not all! A pirate, White Whale, and his crew attacked the city while it was underwater and seized power. The green-dyed elf has a simple and well-paid mission for Miss Cat: to stop this prophecy from coming true. Not knowing where to start, she goes to Pølp’z, her favourite milk bar. Ole, her good friend the octopus, has an exciting lead for her – White Whale is a fictional pirate created by the famous author, Jo Batø. But it’s impossible to meet him… What are Miss Madsen, the deer in high heels, and Pufi, the puppy, hiding?


At the crossroad of early-readers novels with pictures and comic books, Miss Cat & the Green Elf is a precise and wacky gem!LiRE: magazine littéraire