JEERING JELLIES!/Mille méduses

A cunning and witty tale, showing kids that even grown-ups have to behave… and respect the sea!


Captain Daniel is well known for two reasons: he has been sailing for more than 30 years onboard his trusty ship Dary-Wavy… and he swears like a trooper. If a seagull lands on his freshly cleaned rail, if a storm is coming, if someone questions his old sea dog stories, he is quick to cry: “Jeering Jellies!” But one day, Captain Daniel swears one time too many. And that same day, the Ocean becomes fed up with the grumpy old Captain Daniel, and decides to teach him a lesson. A big lesson about the Ocean, to learn how to stop being angry. A giant turtle, a shark, and one thousand jellyfish get involved, and Captain Daniel learns a huge lesson. Or does he…?


A beautiful picture book, funny and anti-grumpy.Histoire pour les petits


Rights sold in Korean