THE MAGIC CIRCUS TOUR/Magique circus tour

A magic pop-up book, as magical and fun as a day at the circus.

Bears play with clowns and dogs dance with riders, or is it the other way around…? A dazzling and playful merry-go-round, to learn how to count from one to five, that will enchant children and grown-ups alike. Rights sold in Italian and Japanese.

A wonderful pop-up book like a carousel. Simple, joyful and fun. (…) A true show!Enfant magazine

Rights sold in Japanese and Italian

  • # # # #
  • From 3 up
  • Hardcover ● 20 x 16,5 cm ● 5 Pop up
  • Carousel book
  • EAN : 9782330022907 ● 16,90 € ● 2010