Ma folle vie de dessinateur / My Crazy Life as an Illustrator or How to Create a Self-Portrait in any Circumstances

Between creative effervescence and moments of doubt , 128 selfportraits, and 128 ways of capturing the exciting life of an illustrator.

This new book by Benjamin Chaud tells the story of his life as an illustrator through 128 self-portraits, full of freedom and irony. Surprising illustrations, made up of fun, inventiveness, and self-mockery, combined with spot-on captions. The portraits answer each other, two by two, and recurring themes such as “coffee” or “taking a break” appear throughout… The book explores everything, from artist’s block, procrastination, and deadlines to the pleasure of exhibiting your work, signing books, and travelling… But behind the apparent light-heartedness of his pencil and coloured crayon self-portraits, that he often posts on social media, lies an insatiable artist, chained to his table, who always finds new ways to explore topics.