THE INVENTION OF THE GAME and other tales/L’invention du jeu et autres inventions

A literary fable full of nonsense, humour and tenderness. Through the invention of football, François Bégaudeau explores friendship, team spirit and even love.


One day, Gilles the snail has a strange encounter with a leather round object. Curious and eager to find out what it does, he befriends Jean-Luc, a very clever cat, who soon acts as his legs and eyes… When they realise the round object rolls, they cannot stop playing with it. And when they meet a hyperactive fly, Steffie, they realise that they are improving together and becoming more organized. All they need is a team…! But wait, wait, wait! That’s not all! There are more revelations to discover in this book, like how carrots, cheerleaders, love, Thursdays, pigs and socks (to name but a few) were invented. Basic information that you may not know about.


You will enjoy the agility, love the humour, and the mischief of this novel. And the sunny side of these tales, that are actually more serious than they may seem.Télérama

« Chaque fois le ballon se retrouvait plus loin, si bien que Jean-Luc courait maintenant continûment après lui, le frappant dans l’élan de sa patte avant gauche dont il avait rentré les griffes car il aspirait à la force du tigre mais était doux comme un chat doux. À cette vitesse inédite, Gilles ne sentait plus le poids de sa coquille. Il n’avait plus de coquille. Perché sur le chat qui courait au rythme du ballon, il était un chat à son tour, et les chats n’ont pas de coquille, ils n’en ont pas besoin, le grand air leur est une maison. »