Suzie’s Theories/Les Théories de Suzie

Miss Know-it-all tells you why


Suzie is a little girl who has funny, extravagant, smart and sometimes really logical, quite impossible to contradict, theories. She has a theory about why the trees sleep standing up, a theory on how it is utterly impossible that dinosaurs are completely extinct, and one about why goldfish actually taste like strawberries. And so many more… French writer Éric Chevillard carefully listened to his own daughter, Suzie, before ‘rewriting her theories about everyday life. Truly poetic, to read again and again, and a reminder that we, grown-ups, could really benefit from listening to children a bit more.


Eric Chevillard’s nonsense and funniness at its best.Le Monde

Format, layout, typography… everything is perfect. Thank you Suzie!La revue des livres pour enfants

Suzie’s observations are a call to put our childhood glasses on and take a step back, so that we can see the world with new eyes.Lire