THE LOST PATHS/Les Sentiers perdus

A poignant and beautiful story about dealing with grief after a loss.

“This morning, I decided to skip school.
I followed the path you loved so much.
I found the flowers you had tought me to recognise.
I made a bouquet out of them.
I remembered your laugh…
… I want to remember you always.”

The narrator, a young girl, is feeling sad. The world seems so unfair. To lose someone you love so much, especially your grandfather, is heartbreaking. But remembering that person also means loving them forever. Remembering what you learnt from them, and also knowing you are not alone, can help make things a little bit easier.
An impressive picture book about this young girl’s walk through the woods, to ease her pain after the loss of her beloved grandpa. Following in his footsteps, along the way, she meets lots of animals, that symbolise the stages of Grief, her precious Memories, the qualities the old man passed on to her or, perhaps, those she will need to feel a bit less sad.