A Nestful of Light / Les Oiseaux électriques de Pothakudi


In the summer of 2020, even as the pandemic raged over the world, a small report circulated across Indian newspapers: Pothakudi, a village in Tamil Nadu, went without street lighting for 35 nights, because a pair of vannathikuruvi, Oriental Magpie Robins, had built a nest, and laid eggs, in the one switchboard that powered all its street lamps. Les Oiseaux électriques de Pothakudi, called A Nestful of Light in English, springboards from this very real event to create a magical tale of interspecies solidarity and community


Splendid (…) with strong, stylized and expressive illustrations, it is the young people who will make the best decisions and stick to them. Based on a true story, this remarkable collective adventure builds a beautiful bond between old and young people and portrays the current desire to respect the animal kingdom. Outstanding.” ELLE magazine