THE EVEN DAYS, A book to read every other day, however you want/Les Jours pairs

Short stories (most of the time), and lots of giggles. A collection of short stories with a good pinch of dry humour.

A book to read with your mum or dad, or by yourself, whatever you prefer. A book to read in order of the days, weeks, or months, or a book where you can pick a random story. A book you can take with you when you change house, from your mum’s to your dad’s, or find again where you left it.

The 179 stories were written by the talented storyteller Vincent Cuvellier. One story for every even day of the year, from January to December. From recipes to fun school rules, adventures in the wild or at a street corner, these bedtime stories all make up a sweet, zany and joyful big illustrated book. A literary and modern world, at once surprising and inviting, in which a father and son take turns to be the protagonist or creator of the stories. A must-have for kids with divorced parents, but not only. The book will make both adults and children laugh, and reflect on their own behaviour. A clever, subtle and refreshingly honest take on the relationship between adults and children.