THE EIFFEL TOWER CATS/Les Chats de la tour Eiffel

A joyful and nonsensical Parisian tale: How the “President” of France and his detective solved a problem involving a “zillion” stray cats. A great read for both children and parents.

Once upon a time, the Eiffel Tower was catless. You could take the elevator to the premier étage (which means the first floor even if it is upstairs) and the second elevator to the deuxième étage (which means the second floor even if it is the third…).

In this charming, witty and very contemporary story first published in 1967, a little girl named Adalgise takes her cat Ronronne to the Eiffel Tower… and loses her. Before long, dozens of cats make the tower their home, and a national emergency is declared… The tourists all admire the cats, instead of the historical monuments! Disappointed with the ministers’ and military’s incompetence to handle the cats issue, the President turns to his mother for help…