Le Silence des animaux / The Silence of the Animals



Many centuries ago, animals could speak. Each species spoke the same language,
with their own accent, and they all understood each other. The world was almost perfect. Only the crows talked nonsense… One day, the lion got offended and decided to set some rules. The vultures were tasked with enforcing them. So, the animals started to speak less freely, hide their emotions and distrust their neighbours… Things could not go on in this way. So, the wise tortoise organised a world conference on the proper use of speech. All the animals present agreed to give up their dangerous language. They would only keep their songs and cries… Except for the humans, whom the lazy and cowardly crows had forgotten to inform! From that day on, only humans can speak… to say nothing!

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  • Hardcover ● 22 x 28 cm
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