A sensitive introduction to the cycle of Nature and gardening


This morning, like every morning, I walk with Mum by the abandoned field. What a surprise: the next day, all the weeds are gone! There are only lumps of earth left. Someone must have dug the soil up. What I don’t know yet is that during the day, the farmer came to dig, sow the seeds and carefully cover them with earth. The day after, furrows were plowed across the field.
What I don’t know yet is that the gardener will come and water next. Then she will wait for a while, patiently. One day, small shiny green sprouts will come out, and the soft smell of Spring will be here. The thing I don’t know is that all this happened thanks to Alena…

Alena is a farmer, who grows crops in her fields. In this seasonal story, the reader observes the Cycle of Nature, from a bare patch of soil, to a big beautiful field, from planting to watering, and weeding to eating. Children will learn about the importance of patience and hard work to harvest the most beautiful vegetables and fruits, all including on a last double spread with the season they belong to.
Sophie Vissière offers, through the eyes of a young observant girl, a quiet and serene reading of a landscape changing throughout the seasons.


2018 Mention Bologna Ragazzi Awards Books and Seeds

Versailles Award Read in the Garden

Rights sold in Korean and Chinese