THE WORST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER/Le Pire Anniversaire de ma vie

A sweet and fun picture book that subtly explores self-esteem and what the others think (or may think)


I am really happy. I love birthdays, especially mine, but other birthdays too. Julie invited me to her party, and I’m taking my rabbit Floppy with me. I’m really excited, even though Floppy is useless, because Julie is my girlfriend, she just doesn’t know it yet. I’ve decided to go dressed as Floppy, and Floppy will go dressed as me. I’m sure Julie will find this hilarious. But when we arrive, nobody else is wearing a costume. And from that moment on, nothing really goes as planned…
Five years after meeting the young narrator and Floppy in Adieu Chaussette, here they are again, with a new story showing how good friends stick together no matter what, even when new friends come along…! And that being a bit awkward can be super cute.


Sweet and Funny.ELLE magazine


Rights sold in Italian, Castilian, Polish and Simple Chinese.


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