Le Petit Chaperon rouge / Little Red Riding Hood

A twist on the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood, with a striking play between light and shadows.


The fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood is loved throughout the world. Almost every child knows the story of the little girl who was lured from the forest path by an evil wolf. Now, everyone can rediscover it in an enchanting little book by the illustrator Clémentine Sourdais, who takes a contemporary look at this ­traditional tale.
Created with a loving attention to detail, Sourdais’ cut-out images  bring the woods, the big bad wolf, and the grandmother’s house to life, and can also be transformed into a dancing play of shadows against the wall. When unfolded and held up in front of a light, the book becomes a true adventure, inviting its young readers to marvel at and experience Little Red Riding Hood’s journey in a whole new way.