The Blue Elf / Le Lutin bleu

A psychedelic pop-up, set in an enchanted world, by the inventive duo of The Red Cube.

Bernie the Bear is lost in the magic forest… He can’t find the way back to his cave!
Suddenly a blue elf appears out of nowhere… “It’s easy to find your way home! Take the first path on the left, cross the river after the clearing and then keep walking straight. Most importantly: never look back and everything will be fine, you’ll be home before night!”
Poor bear, he’s so confused. Everything looks different, there is magic all around! With each step, more elves and imps appear, as though trying to disorientate him even more.
Eventually, Bernie finds his way home… to bed. Was it all a dream?


The illustrator Janik Coat and the pop-up artist Bernard Duisit are combining once again their special skills to tell the story of Bernie the bear and a mysterious elf who is helping him to find its way back to his cave, leading him through a forest he is turning upside-down. A book full of creativity and surprises in three dimensions.La Provence

This book’s setting is filled with poetry, tenderness and creativity. The young reader will be captured by the illustrations in relief, he will entenr in the magical forest along with Bernie and… Guaranteed emotions!L’Est républicain