THE BOOK IN THE BOOK IN THE BOOK/Le livre du livre du livre

A unique novelty book! Join a young boy named Thomas on his adventures in a book… inside a book… inside a book…

While on holiday with his family, Thomas wanders off to look for something interesting. Which he finds, in the form of an abandoned book on the beach. As Thomas opens up the little book, so does the reader!
Within the little book, the story repeats — until Thomas, now walking through the quiet, snowy woods, finds another smaller book, with an even stranger adventure inside.
He wanders through the third book, before finally hearing familiar voices and being reuinted with his family. But what adventures lay ahead…?
Boldly illustrated and cleverly constructed, with two smaller books bound into the large one. An unforgettable read that will leave you wondering whether the story is truly over. The perfect gift for young, curious readers, and very rewarding to read. Ideal to discover at home or at school, as much for the extraordinary creativity of the authors, as for the educational value of an identical text in three different settings and stories.

A simple idea artfully transformed into a memorable picture book.“— Booklist, Starred Review.

Rights sold in English, Japanese, Italian