Diplohairycus, and Other Unknown Dinosaurs / Le Dipoilocus, et autres dinosaures méconnus

A wacky picture book for the whole family to enjoy… Guaranteed giggles!

Have you ever heard of Mireille Wackyus? A paleontologist specializing in… dinosaurs. She made a ground-breaking discovery: a bone belonging to a dinosaur that nobody has ever heard of, Diplohairycus. This book includes all of Mireille Wackyus’s incredible discoveries, including Sickosaurus, Littlefartosaurus, Waxoraptor, Stinkybreathodon and lots more never-been-seen dinosaurs!


A very very funny book to devour with your kids. If your child already knows all the different types of dinosaurs, this book offers the possibility to discover unknown dinosaurs. A picture book full of humor to a good laugh, for children from 5-6 years old (or even from 4 and up if they are real fans) and that parents will also be delighted to read . A real game-changer in the category of old-school dinosaur children’s books!La maison des maternelles

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  • From 4 upFrom 5 up
  • Hardcover ● 18 x 24,5 cm ● 64 pages
  • EAN : 9782330162801 ● 14,90 € ● 2022