THE TALE OF SUN AND MOON/Le centre du monde

A fictional tale in paper cuttings about climate change and its consequences.

At the beginning of the world, the Sun could not stand still.
He travelled around, here and there.
While strolling around one day,
he happened to meet the Moon.
The Moon quietly admired his reflection in the lake.
The Sun never admired himself anywhere and really wanted to try.
He headed straight for the Earth…
This story inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the “Echo and Narcissus” myth, reinvents the origins of the Universe, how the Sun and the Moon met and how the Sun could not resist its own vanity, and created chaos all around. How he learnt from his mistakes and had to reconcile with the Moon, in order to keep a close eye on Mother Earth…
The subtlety of the paper cuttings and the simplicity of the illustrations and their vivid colours (dark blue, striking yellow) are enhanced by the scales of the planets, seen from very far or very close, playing with our vision of the Universe and how huge and magnificent it is.