The City of Tomorrow/La Ville, quoi de neuf ?

A world tour of all kinds of new ideas, neighbourhoods and ways of life that can be found in today’s most innovative cities.

All over the world, cities are getting bigger and bigger, to the point that you can feel a bit lost. Is it therefore possible, in a world where everything changes so quickly, to create a city, or part of a city, where people can breathe, grow vegetables, get around more easily, be smarter(!), more active… A city that would suit everyone. Could there be such a thing as a beautiful and practical city? From the Metrocable in Medellín (Colombia), that goes where the subway doesn’t, to the Ferme du Rail in Paris (France), that helps people reintegrate into society, or BedZED, the UK’s first large-scale, sustainable community with 100 homes, office spaces, a college and community facilities, the curious author Didier Cornille explores all kinds of new ideas, neighbourhoods and ways of life in a city or area. All in search of solutions to create the perfect city of tomorrow. A pragmatic and positive approach to city life by Didier Cornille, the designer and author of the successful architecture series for children Who Built that?

Winner of the Children Amerigo Vespucci Award and Roberval Award.

Rights sold in Spanish, Korean and Slovakian.