Princess Attack!/La Princesse attaque !

An interactive game-book in which young readers choose their own adventure


Meet Princess Attack! This fair damsel is madly in love with the famous Brave Knight! But the poor fellow is held prisoner by a terrifying green-eyed Cyclops in a mysterious location. Following her heart, the princess sets out to sea, encountering dangerous creatures and solving riddles along the way, to rescue her dear knight. Help her in her quest! Become the hero of the story in this new interactive book, and follow in the fearless Princess Attack’s footsteps! A book with a Nordic feel, full of things to do, such as puzzles, riddles, hidden images to find…


Rights sold in Italian, Korean and Simple Chinese


  • Un livre dont tu es le héros ou l’héroïne
  • # # # # # #
  • From 4 up
  • Hardcover ● 22 x 34,5 cm ● 48 pages
  • rounded corners
  • EAN : 9782358510820 ● 15,90 € ● 2012