MAKE PEACE, DOVES!/La Paix, les colombes !

This whimsical and fun book will delight readers of all ages.


At a first glance, doves of peace are very similar to humans; they go to work every day, take a lunch break and relax at home in the evening. But it’s not that simple; they have an important job… bringing peace to the world. Through nonsense and role reversals, Gilles Bachelet and Clothilde Delacroix explore peace and its evil twin, war, with thought-provoking drawings. A delightful book with a subtle sense of humour, at times quirky and off-beat, shifting with remarkable ease from comedy to sophisticated irony.

  • Humour hélium
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  • All Ages
  • softcover ● 14 x 15 cm ● 64 pages
  • EAN : 9782330057800 ● 9,90 € ● 2016