The Memory of an Elephant/La Mémoire de l’éléphant

Part story and part miscellany, this unforgettable book with dream-like illustrations will transfix both parents and children.


Memory and meaning are at the heart of this oversized, content-rich picture book celebrating the life of Marcel, a soulful elephant. From the towering buildings outside his window, as he recollects his world travels, to his friends, and the flora and fauna around him, Marcel finds meaning in all his surroundings and, most importantly, in life’s abundant details. Marcel is writing an encyclopaedia, after all, and his entries are featured in full-page spreads packed with facts, elegantly located alongside the story of his day and life.

A messy and quirky encyclopaedia, wonderful hotchpotch, and real delight for all curious minds.Le Républicain Lorrain

This book is like no other: full of information both funny and educational, this inspiring source can be read all the way to the end or in fits and starts.Sophie Van der Linden


Rights sold in English, Spanish, Danish, Polish, Italian, Simple Chinese and Russian