THE GOBLINS RACE/La Course des lutins

A giant treasure hunt through the greatest fairy tales!

There were four little Goblins. Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. One fine morning, Yellow ran to the others, screaming. “Hurry, hurry, quick! Ramino is sick!” Ramino the frog was the goblin’s best friend. But this morning, she had lost her voice…
An enchanted picture book filled with giant snails and doves, fairy tale characters, forests and castles, to have fun helping the four tiny, adorable goblins to save their friend, encountering frightening creatures along the way, such as Blue Beard or a dragon… Each new page is an interactive and dangerous adventure… But everything turns out for the best in the end, just like in any great fairy tale!

Funny and playful: a real delight!Notes bibliographiques